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Xian, the capital of 13 ancient Chinese dynasties is endowed with a huge number of sites of historic and cultural interest.
The city of Xian is very proud of their Ancient City Wall. It gives visitors a great chance to look down into the ancient city of Xian. China's Tang Dynasty (618-907) was the most prosperous and colorful of all of China's ancient Dynasties. Visitors to Xian get a chance to step back in time and relive this fantastic era at the Tang Dynasty Show. Visitors to Xian often come only for one or two day and visit the most famous sites, but Xian has so many more amazing sites to offer visitors. Xian is famous for its Terracotta Warriors and City Wall, but there is so much more to this fantastic ancient city. Being such an ancient city, Xian is filled with things for visitors to see and do. Summer in Xian (June to August) becomes both hot and humid. Xian was the capital during the Tang Dynasty, which was considered the Golden Age of Chinese culture. At the time of the Tang Dynasty, Xian was the capital of the empire. The Tang Dynasty Dinner and Dancing Show Xian is eternally popular with visitors because of its rich, colorful and exciting music and dance.